Foggy Hogtown Boys

Dates Playing: 7/28/2011 - 7/28/2011

Written By: Foggy Hogtown Boys

Foggy Hogtown Boys

The Foggy Hogtown Boys bring their high-energy bluegrass show to The Hudson Village Theatre on July 28th as they tour their fifth album “Scotch & Sofa”.

Recorded live-off-the-floor in the winter of 2010, “Scotch & Sofa” gives the listener the very best from a 4-day session that captures the infectious live energy of Canada’s top bluegrass band.

Along with the live sound, what sets this album apart from the group's previous releases is the emphasis on the roots and folk music that formed the backbone of classic bluegrass. From sources such as the Louvin Brothers, Doc Watson, Fiddlin' Arthur Smith and Brenda Lee, the Foggies take well-known old-time material such as "Salty Dog Blues" and "Little Sadie" (among several others) rework and rewrite the melodies and harmonies to fit their sound and bluegrass style.


Part of the Hudson Music Festival